Envisage Your Military Skills And Strategies In Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike Guide

After playing Mobile Strike for quite some time, I reckon it’s plunged in the Game of War: Fire Age style dynamics. You get the hunch of playing something like this at least once in your life. It’s an excellent mmo strategy game that features extensive base-building and military structuring in a modern, appealing battle setting. It appears quite similar to today’s strategy games, but not identical. Fighting against scores and scores of enemies for the crown of Head of State necessitates a lot of work and great qualities of head and heart. Initially, the mine of different tasks given for building the strongest military base and channelizing my strategies didn’t quite perk me up.

However, as the game took pace, I understood the vitality of those tasks. I was totally into it. Mobile Strike is brimming with a series of cluttered scenes. I had my base hidden behind a plethora of coins and notifications. It’s a good thing to me because this game is not exactly that prettified or rosy. I believe that military games shouldn’t induce a rosy picture of life as that would be a blatant lie. Life in a military camp is hard and very real. This game depicts that to the core. Unceasing tasks, missions, strategies and gun fire; that sums it up for me.


Mobile Strike, with all its intricacies and simplifications, is quite a complex concept. You need to achieve a lot of things in a short duration. But again, time is the key here and it gives you a sense of completeness and gratification. This sense of pride overwhelmed me as well. You always have something to work for and perform. Being idle is utopia in this game. You can purse a daily mission, core mission, alliance mission or segregate and perform regular tasks. There are people who rant about the terse way of life in this game. They are living in a fool’s paradise. This is a game emblazoning military way of life and battlefield dynamics. There’s no room for false points or prizes.


Considering that point alone, things might get monotonous at times. However, that’s temporary as you will have to clear the deck, pick your guns and fire! You must have heard or seen the calm before a storm. That’s precisely the case here. The in-game tutorial was an eyesore at times as its long and features an apparently endless stream of tasks. But the explanations and results vindicating it got me through. I was hooked to till the last. From making early structures to conceptualizing your army operations, you need to tap and upgrade.


The speed-up button enabled me to complete the structure in a short time. I achieved a substantial lot in the first hour itself and propelled me to play the game with more interest and zeal. Despite not having a firm engagement with a compelling story line or new, intriguing content, Mobile Strike never appears banal. The plethora of upgrades to unlock a cache, howsoever futile it might seem at first, is totally relevant and significant in the game’s course. Completing them is an imperative here. Precisely, this game kept me enlivened and up with its ceaseless sights and sounds of battleground. Even though there’s consistent plodding all through, the scenes and ultimate motive of reigning supreme is enough to glue you to your seat.

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